What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are highly-educated professionals who must have a minimum of a master’s degree in their field to practice in Canada, which is why they are qualified to assess, diagnose (restricted in some provinces/territories) and treat a broad range of hearing and balance disorders.

Audiologists can help with:

  • Hearing disorders in infants, children and adults.
  • Amplification such as hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.
  • Auditory processing disorders: issues with how the brain processes sound.
  • Tinnitus: noise or ringing in the ears.
  • Hyperacusis and Misophonia: sensitivities to particular sounds.
  • Balance disorders including dizziness or vertigo caused by Ménières disease, ear infections and trauma to the skull.
  • Cerumen Management

    Reference: https://www.sac-oac.ca/public/what-do-audiologists-do