Pathways for Registration

You are not deemed eligible to engage in or resume practice or mentorship until you receive written confirmation from NLCHP.

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Graduates of an accredited Canadian program (who have not previously registered in another regulated Canadian province)

  1. Completion of a college-approved AUD/SLP program
  2. Apply to NLCHP to determine eligibility to write the approved entry to practice exam and subsequently register
  3. Apply for Temporary status with NLCHP
  4. Submit Mentorship Guidance Contract to CASLPNL
  5. Await confirmation of temporary status from NLCHP – work cannot begin until this is provided
  6. Satisfy mentorship requirements
  7. Pass approved entry to practice exam
  8. Await confirmation of General Status from NLCHP

See policy 2-40: Mentorship Program

See policy 2-50: Mentorship Roles and Responsiblities

See form: 5-30 Mentorship Guidance Contract

See form: 5-40 Mentorship Report and Rating Form

See form: 5-50 Mentorship Skills Inventory

See form: 5-60 Membership Declaration

New Graduate FAQs

Mentorship FAQs

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Internationally Educated

Please refer to NLCHP for details:

Please note, at this time, CASLP-NL does not offer equivalency training for individuals who have undertaken AUD/SLP training outside of Canada

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Currently licensed in another regulated Canadian province

  1. Apply for licensure with NLCHP
  2. Proof of 1000 practice hours over the last 4 years
  3. Letter(s) in good-standing from any other jurisdiction within which you are currently registered
  4. A mentorship may be required
  5. Await confirmation of General/Temporary Status from NLCHP before you can begin any work

Reinstatement of License

After 3 months of inactive status, you must meet initial registration requirements

Change of Status

Complete and submit a Change of Status form
Note that even if renewing through the online portal, this form must still be completed.