Continuing Education is required by all members (minimum 10 hours per year) and can be  selected by the member based on their interests/needs within the field of Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology. Members must declare their Continuing Education Equivalents (CEE's) as part of the Registration Renewal Process.


Registrants must organize and maintain an electronic portfolio that includes:

  • Continuing Education Equivalent Reporting Form
    • Notes, handouts, certificates and other documents that verify participation/attendance
    • Summary of Learning Outcomes Form for each Education Activity


Each year, 10% of the membership will be audited by the NLCHP and members will be asked to submit their portfolio.  The Portfolio only gets submitted upon request by the NLCHP.


The following online courses must be completed by members and count toward the 10 hour minimum in the year they are completed:


Assigned 2015:

-   PHIA (1.0 hours for each module, members must do "custodian" but can do/claim both)

-   Jurisprudence Module (2.0 hours)


Assigned 2017:  

 Privacy and Confidentiality Assessment Tools available on the NLCHP website

( Jurisprudence and PHIA modules only need to be completed once, upon initial registration. )