FAQs About Mentorship

Do I need to complete a mentorship?

All recent graduates are required to complete a mentorship. There may be other situations where a mentorship may be required e.g. return to practice. NLCHP will notify applicants if a mentorship is required.

How do I find a mentor?

The applicant is responsible to find a Mentor to provide the required mentorship and submit the name to the College for approval. An eligible mentor is:

  • a General Status Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist
  • in good standing on the NLCHP General Register
  • a member of the same profession as the member being mentored
  • must have a minimum of 3 years work experience in the identified profession

Typically, mentors are SLP/AUD professionals who work within the same organization or sector as the mentee e.g. team lead within a regional health authority, colleague in a private practice. The applicant may contact the College to obtain assistance in identifying a Mentor.

Can my mentorship period be extended?

The typical timeline for mentorship completion is less than 6 months; however, we recognize that some mentees have varied work settings or non-standardized hours e.g. casual work, private practice, temporary positions, that result in them needing longer than 6 months. If you will not be able to meet your 200-hour minimum within the initial 6 months, please contact the CASLPNL secretary prior to your contract end date to discuss your circumstances and request an extension.

Can I have more than one mentor?

Yes; however, in most cases, only one mentor will provide guidance. Where the College has approved it, more than one mentor may be involved in providing mentorship to the Applicant. We ask that one mentor be designated the Primary Mentor.
An Applicant wishing to engage in the practice of audiology or speech-language pathology at a secondary employment setting may do so if the Mentor is willing to include the secondary employment site in the Mentorship Guidance Contract. Otherwise, a second mentor must be chosen and approved by the College.

Do I need a second mentorship guidance contract if I have a second employer or if I have a second employment setting?

You should contact the college secretary directly before submitting your mentorship guidance contract so that your specific situation can be discussed.
If you have two employers e.g. NLESD, regional health authority, private practice etc. and require a different mentor for each employer (see # 5) then a second contract is required. If you have the same mentor for both employers, your mentor can help you decide if a second contract is needed based on factors such as populations served and setting-specific goals.
Applicants who have more than one employment setting with the same employer e.g. holding two part-time positions or casual work, you may have more than one mentor. As such, you may require more than one contract. Once again, this will be dependent on populations served and setting-specific goals. Goals may be applicable across all settings, in which case, one contract may suffice, even if you have different mentors for each setting i.e. primary and secondary mentors.

I have completed my mentorship hours and submitted my MRRF; however, I still have not completed the approved entry to practice exam or have not received my exam results. Do I need to continue being mentored?

If you have submitted your MRRF, and your mentor has indicated that you have successfully completed your initial 200 hours, and if the college has determined you have met mentorship requirements, continued documentation of hours and mentoring is not required; however, your mentor must still be available to provide guidance should you have any questions until you have your exam results. In most cases, mentees will have received their exam results prior to mentorship completion.

I passed my entry to practice exam, do I still have to complete a mentorship?

Yes, if mentorship was a part of your registration requirements as determined by NLCHP, then you must successfully complete mentorship even if you have passed the exam

I did not pass my entry to practice exam, what do I do?

If you were unsuccessful with your entry to practice exam, you must re-take and pass the exam before you can resume work. If you were actively engaged in employment and the mentorship process, you must immediately notify your employer and mentor, and cease employment and mentorship immediately. Once you retake the exam and are successful, you must submit a new mentorship guidance contract and meet requirements as set by NLCHP for temporary status. You are not confirmed eligible to resume practice or mentorship until you receive written confirmation from the NLCHP.

Why would I need to complete a second mentorship?

In circumstances where the College has deemed that the Applicant will not be recommended for General Status registration, the Applicant will be referred to the Registration Committee for review. The Applicant may then their mentorship period extended, start a new mentorship period with a new mentor, or have their registration terminated.

Circumstances where this may apply, but are not limited to: mentor does not recommend general status to the college after completion of the 200 hours, mentor requests a second mentorship be completed to further target goals, college requests additional hours in a specific category, e.g. assessment.

Where do I send my mentorship documents?

Mentorship documents should be emailed to secretary@caslpnl.ca. If you wish to send a paper copy, please email the secretary to indicate you have done so, and then mail to:
College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists
Suite 435, Unit 50 Hamlyn Road Plaza St. John's, NL A1E 5X7

Documents pertaining to registration e.g. transcripts, letter in good standing must be sent directly to the council:
Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals
209 Blackmarsh Road St. John’s, NL, A1E 1T1